Our Gear

No matter what your budget this is what we bring to every shoot

HD Camera
Black Edition Gopro
DJi Quadrocopter (for aerial footage)
Dolly Wheels
Camera Slider (2 foot)
Skate Dolly

2 Channel Mixer
Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
Wired Lavalier Microphone
Shotgun Microphone
Boom Pole

(2) 800 Watt Tungsten Lights
(3) 1200 Watt Daylight (with Soft box) Lights
(2) 5 in 1 reflectors
(10) baby light stands
(1) C Stand
(2) Camera Lights (with diffusion, and appropriate color balancing)
(1) 10×14 Green Screen
(2) Gel Kits
(4) 20lb sand bags